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Castable for Agencies

A talent-management platform built for the modern, online world. We save you time and money by providing the tools to make your agency a success.

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A World Behind

Keeping your agency running smoothly in todays world is tough. There's an ever-increasing list of things to stay on top of - social media accounts, enquiries, bookings, calls from your talent - and in the paper trail that ensues items get lost.

Introducing Castable for Agencies

Talent management software isn't new. But other solutions are old, outdated and costing you time and money. Castable removes the need to update data in multiple places and future-proofs your agency by taking your data into the cloud.

Store talent characteristics, photos and videos to create beautiful talent profiles to aide you in landing their next role. Display these profiles on your website or keep as an internal database. Export profiles to PDF to send onwards to casting directors? We've got you covered.

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Pending applications

Get Digital with Applications

How many applications do you receive at your agency each day? In 7 years working with the talent industry we've seen agencies receiving hundreds of applications each week.

On the Castable platform, you're able to accept online applications to your agency quickly and efficiently using a process that you dictate. Be notified instantly whenever you receive an application and get ahead of the competition.

Super simple

Super Simple

We've purposefully made Castable simple to use and easy to manage - allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand and removing inefficiencies.

Mobile ready

Mobile Ready

Mobile-readiness is key in today's world. The entire Castable platform is mobile-ready so you can access the platform whenever and wherever suits you.



Choose from a range of templates for your website; customizing colours, fonts and positioning or bring your current website design with some integration.

Ultimately, if we can save you time on administration, we can save you money. By switching to Castable, we estimate the average agency can save up to $10,000 per year.

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